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Standardization of Safety Production
What is Standardization of Safety Production
Standardization of Safety Production , through the establishment of safe production responsibility system, formulates safety management regulations and operating rules, double check and handle hidden danger and monitor major hazard source, establish prevention mechanism, regulate the behavior of production,  so as to make various production processes comply with relevant safety production laws and regulations and standards requirements, keep man, machine, material, running in a good production status. And through continuous improvement, the standardization construction of enterprise’s safety production will then be constantly strengthened.
Why establish Standardization of Safety Production
◆Mandatory requirement from government
◆Requirement of improving enterprise’s safety management
Through BUICC’s evaluation on standardization of safety production, many benefit could be achieved:
- Prevention of hidden safety hazards and safety accident during production process
- Improved production safety equipment and process technology level of enterprise
-Enhanced employee consciousness and behavior of safety production standardization
-Effective recognition and control of enterprise’s safety risk
-Improve the essence of the enterprise safety level
How to realize Standardization of Safety Production
Six stages for Consultation
1st Stage: Research and Planning
2nd Stage: Propaganding, Implementation and Training
3rd Stage: Composing & Publishing of Documents
4th Stage: Correction and Improvement
5th Stage: Self –Assessement
6th Stage: Application
Product Channel – Standardization of Safety Production – Service Flow
Documentations/materials need to be submitted upon applying for UICC review of standardization of safety production:
1.Application for enterprise’s standardization of safety production
2.Self-evaluation report
3.Summary sheet for losing points of self-evaluation items
4.Clarification & correction form for losing point items of self-evaluation
5.Attachment docs that the applying enterprise need to submit
1) Photocopy of safety production permit
2)Photocopy of business license
3)List of management rules for standardization of safety production
4)Directories of safety production organization and safety management personnel
5)Layout of the enterprise
6)Information of enterprise’s major hazard source
7)List of existing effective laws and regulations of safety production
8)Network map of safety production management